The world is constantly changing. Your child deserves a nimble, modern education. An elementary education that fosters innovation and creativity prepares children to adapt to any situation and provides them with a strong foundation to meet life head-on wherever it takes them.

At the heart of our school, you will find what every parent wants for their child;

  • a progressive curriculum that provides both a solid foundation of fundamental skills and fosters 21st Century success skills.

  • a commitment to technology and innovation that provides students with the basis to develop sophisticated computational skills and gives them the upper-hand in our technological world.

  • a caring environment of community and citizenship where children come first and are supported to be their best.  

From Kindergarten to grade 8, HPDS prepares students for a future in a collaborative, technical and global marketplace.

Progressive Curriculum

Micro School. Big Learning.

Our curriculum is relevant to the needs of today’s students and is taught in the context of the real world  — a world driven by innovation and creativity, not by test scores and checklists.  We focus on developing skills by using Project-Based and Inquiry Learning approaches to foster 21st Century skills. Concentrating on Personalized Learning allows our educators the time to understand every student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and interests to help them achieve success in a rigorous program. Mastery-based programs in language and math build fundamental skills at a pace and level just right for your child, laying a solid foundation without gaps.  Combining the development of skills, abilities and knowledge equals an engaging program where students aren’t just successful but learn to take ownership of their learning, take risks and work through challenges.

Technology and Innovation

Micro School. Big Tech.

We know how important technology is as a 21st Century skill. Digital literacy, computational thinking, coding, creative problem solving and Making are all skills our students are developing at school, every day.  Our outstanding technology program is infused into all aspects of each student’s learning journey. Students participate regularly in our “Maker” program that integrates science, tech, engineering and math through engaging and meaningful project work.  They learn to think critically in novel situations, adapt to new technologies, and solve problems collaboratively.

Community and Citizenship

Micro School. Big Heart.

HPDS students are nurtured to be positive, contributing members of the community and are provided with a strong foundation to become informed, respectful global citizens, resilient when faced with opportunities and challenges. Through service learning and community based projects, HPDS students continually build skills for success in a variety of social contexts. Incorporating the use of mindfulness and character education, we teach self-awareness, empathy and respect for self and others.  Every student has a voice at HPDS and is a valuable member of our community, always accepted for who they are in our comfortable, safe and welcoming school. The right environment is critical for effective learning.